Merging PDF Files With Mac

If there are a number of PDF files you want to stitch together, you can do so easily with Mac OS. You will not need to install additional softwares.  Here is how:

1) Open the files: Find the PDF files and double click to open them, and they will be opened in “preview”;

2) Launch “sidebar”: Click on “Sidebar” on the top menu for each of these files that have been opened. The sidebar will bring out the preview window for the PDF files. You will notice that on the sidebars, there will be small icon of the page or pages contained in the document.

3) Move pages: Drag the pages from the “sidebar” windows to one particular file (the first PDF file, for instance);

Moving files among multiple sidebars

Moving files among multiple sidebars

4) Reorder pages (if needed): Drag and move the pages around, if needed, to make sure that the pages are in the correct order; 

5) Change page orientation (if needed):¬† Change the orientation of the pages by rotating them. To do that, click on “tools” and then “Rotate to the right” (or left, whichever takes less clicks). You can do this either to a particular page or the entire document;

Rotate Pages

Rotate Pages

6) Save the new file: Under “file”, select “save as” to save the new, merged file under a new name.

Save As

Save As


22 thoughts on “Merging PDF Files With Mac

  1. Thanks so much. This is a problem when you have sections in a document and save it as a pdf, it creates a new document for each section. You just solved my stitching issue without costing me more money for more software. Thank you so much!

  2. This has been really helpful! Thanks a lot!
    I knew that for Mac’s stitching pdf’s should be in-built and easy, and it is! =) Thanks for posting this on the net.

  3. Thanks for that! How marvellous! Preview’s features mean I am saving loads of paper – rather than print stuff out, I can do all my notes on pdf’s and carry the equivalent of reams of paper with me whenever I need to. The feature you describe here will allow me to ‘scan to pdf’ and then concatenate the pdf’s to make a previously paper-based document available on my MacBook. Thanks so much!!!

  4. Thank you for putting this up. Just drag files into one another to stitch. Wow – how simple is that?

  5. Hmmm.. Looks like it was so easy for everybody else, but when I move the files into one sidebar and “save as,” the resulting file only has one of the pages saved. It doesn’t have all of the multiple PDF pages. This happens even if I have all of the PDF pages to be merged highlighted in the new sidebar window.

    I’m running snow leopard. Wondering if Apple inadvertently took away this functionality.

  6. That’s interesting. In that case, I will keep one of our machines running the older version. I’d hate to lose this feature.

  7. In Snow Leopard you have to drag the file you are adding OVER the actual thumbnail in the new document. You will see a green + sign appear. Note that the file being added will be sequenced ahead of the file you are adding to. So adding from last to first page will eliminate re-sequencing.

  8. Didnt work at the first step only; that is, wasn’t able to drag one PDF into another’s drawer. Any ideas? Would appreciate a feedback, thanks. (Im using an OS 10.3)

  9. @ Berlin
    Thanks for the information. I did try Mac out for a while a year or two back but i foung the software that i use and have become fond of just is not available on OSX.

  10. Thanks for sharing the tip. Seems so basic since Mac’s run in mostly a PDF formats. However I find even the most simplest of tasks sometimes are difficult to run on a Mac. Still not have to run anti virus programs everytime I boot up makes it worth while.

  11. Thanks so much – had struggled to find a solution to stitching 7 pdfs together and now this has resolved the problem

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