Update Settings Instructions – Respondus

When changes are made to Blackboard or Respondus sometimes the settings in your Respondus software on your computer must be updated.  For instance, when we changed the Blackboard URL from http://bb9.oc.edu to http://bb.oc.edu, all Respondus installations were broken until the settings in the software were updated to reflect the new address.  Respondus makes it easy to import all the right settings from the server.  Here are step by step instructions with screenshots:

  1. Open Respondus on your computer
  2. Go to the Preview & Publish tab
  3. Under Choose Server click the drop-down arrow and choose ” – add new server – “
  4. Click Next to “check for pre-configured server settings”
  5. The next window should begin with “Success!”¬† If not, contact the North Institute
  6. Fill in the text boxes for a server name and login information as in the screenshot below
  7. Click Next to run the connection test
  8. If the last few lines of the test window message do not say “Completed Successfully” contact the North Institute.
  9. OPTIONAL: If you want to remove the other server settings entries from the Choose Server box, click the Choose Server drop-down arrow and choose the server name you want to remove
  10. A dialog box should pop-up and you should choose “View and edit the current server settings”
  11. Click Next and then click the Delete button

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